Our OPD service is available for 24h in 7 days for week without any holidays. We promised you to get medical attention within first 5 minutes.  This unit is equipped with all the ICU facilities, medical laboratory, and digital X-ray facilities. Medical treatment is decided immediately after emergency triage procedures by skilled full medical staff. According to the need of patient condition, specialized consultations are available for more than 25 sub-specialties.

All the leading insurance and medical facilities of organizations are accepted by our management team. Therefore, you can enjoy cashless service and reimbursement of medical bills.  

Ultrasound Scanning

Family Care Hospital provide four US Scanning Rooms for US Scanning Department. One US Scan Room is dedicated to Gyn& Obs. patients. Scan is performed by the VOG. One Unit is for Echo-cardiogram investigations. Two units are dedicated to the radiological diagnosis which includes abdominal scan, US-KUB, scrotum, breast, soft tissues, Doppler studies, prostate, thyroid etc. Appointment can be booked over the phone.

Patient preparation:

  • All the patient should present with request form, past medical records with special preparations if requested by the medical staff.
  • For Pregnant Mothers and Gyn Patients-
    • Pregnant mothers more than 3 months do not need any preparations.
    • Pregnancy less than 3 months and all the Gyn patients need to presence with full bladder.
  • For Children-
    • Children aged between 2-5 years need not fast for 6 hours. But if possible, keep fasting for at least 1 hour. Children under the age of 2 years need no preparation.
  • Thyroid Scan, Doppler, Breast Scan, Soft tissues-
    • No need any preparations.
  • All other patients-
    • Should keep 6 hours fasting, but he can drink water and other liquid as much as possible to keep bladder full. Better to stop urinate at least last 2 hours.